In the water in Comunidad Valenciana

Are you looking for beaches for dogs , swimming areas or beaches dog friendly ? Here we show you all the dog beaches , beaches with allowed dog access and Canine beaches where access is allowed throughout the year and for seasons.

It is a great idea and it is highly recommended to go to the beach with your dog whenever you can as you can socialize with other dogs and have a bath . Swimming is very good sport for all dogs and more for dogs that may have or have diseases that affect their bones and joints such as dysplasia . Do not hesitate, if you have a beach in your environment, go with your dog and take a bath with him!

Also in this section you will find other swimming areas to go with your dog as lakes , reservoirs , natural pools and public swimming pools that open their doors on certain days of the year with allowed access to dogs .

Do not hesitate, enjoy a good day in the water with your dog , swimming is good for you and for him. Remember always, better Your Dog with You!