Rebolinhos beach for dogs

general description Rebolinhos beach

Beach of the Algarve in which it is possible to be accessed with dogs and in which the dogs are admitted. It is not an official beach, but both locals and tourists access it with their pets, since it is a beach away from the most touristy beaches and is stone, although it has areas of fine sand.

It is a beach not very big, but with views and a wonderful and spectacular landscape. You can see the whole area of Sagres, the lighthouse and the fortress. It is located on the right of the beach of Martinhal, and must be reached on foot by walking a few meters from the beach of Martinhal.

On Rebolinhos beach you will enjoy tranquility given that it has a low degree of occupancy. It is sheltered from the strong winds of the zone of Sagres and oriented to the south, surrounded in its northern part by vegetation in natural state, in which we will be able to take walks with our pet and in which our dogs will be able to run with total freedom.

Restricted access notice!

The term "unofficial", which appears in the description of some points on the map, it means that this area is not official, ie the municipality or council has not defined the area for the use of our pets released. However, these areas are used by the local inhabitants of the area to release their dogs without danger and / or harm others.
However, it is important to note that each user has to make use of information how to best see fit, knowing the law at all times and be aware of the infractions which may result.
Please use must be responsible for all the information available on this site, and remember that we always have manners and respect towards all members and citizens who are around us and our pet.


Q.ta do Martinhal 79, 8650 Sagres , - Portugal


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