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The beach La Vega and all its beautiful natural surroundings cover the beach, the cliffs and the dunes, in the heart of Berbes, Ribadesella. You can find unique native species throughout the Asturian coast. It is one of the largest beaches in all of Asturias. A wide and long beach where there is enough space both for walking and for a swim and even discover dinosaur footprints, preserved in the westernmost part of the beach.

Although access to the beach is limited (read below), the beach is frequented by dogs throughout the year, as being a fairly large beach, you can stay on the beach without disturbing the rest of the users.

In addition, in the following link you can find a complete list with the best beaches to go with your dog in Spain 2019 and the beaches where you can enjoy with your dog as it is allowed the stay and access with dogs.
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Restricted access notice!

According to the indications that there is in the own beach, the free access with dogs is allowed to the beach outside the season of bath. In the bathing season, access is allowed between 10:00 p.m. and 08:00 a.m.

However, the beach is frequented by dogs during all the time of the year.


N-632, 33346 Ribadesella , Principado de Asturias - España


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