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Amado beach admits access with dogs; It is located in the area of ​​Vila do Bispo, on the west coast of the Algarve of Portugal. On this beach is allowed access with dogs throughout the year. Both locals and tourists access this beach with their dogs and there is no restriction.

It has two large parking areas, two bars or beach bars and surf schools, as well as surveillance and rescue equipment.

It is a very large beach where we can be with our dogs without disturbing anyone, since not only is a beach several hundred meters long, but it has a great width, so if our dogs are restless and not to stay still, we can take a little back inside without giving up the views, the sand or the sun.

Amado Beach hosts a large number of surfers throughout the year, so it is not difficult to see the beach full of surfers between tourists and dogs. Being an extensive beach there is space for everyone!

This beach does not have water (except in the bathrooms), so we will have to go with water to give our dog a drink.


Vila do Bispo, 8670 Espinho , Vila do Bispo - Portugal


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