Drink something

Bars, cafes, cider houses, tearooms, breweries and any other place where you can drink something in the company of your dog , inside the premises or on your terrace . There is always a place that admits dogs near you where you can quench your thirst in the company of your dog.

Many locals have a terrace where you can stay comfortably with your dog , without Nobody bothers you and does not bother anyone. Many others admit the entrance to the same place with a dog, in case it rains, it is cold or you want to be covered. In addition they usually have containers with water for our friends the dogs, so they too can rest and recover.

There are no excuses to go out to drink a wine or a beer, a teaor a coffee, in the morning, afternoon or evening, in Your Dog With You you can always find some local near you where they allow dogs and you can rest easy with them. You will enjoy it and he will too!